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Bill O'Connor

Chief Marketing Officer


Mr. O’Connor is an entrepreneur that has been involved with a number of successful and varied ventures over the last 30 plus years. Including the operation of a nursing home chain in the Midwest for over a decade. Instrumental in the introduction of facsimile technology into mainstream business in conjunction with IBM and Burroughs as his major suppliers, he was a co-developer of Angel computers, the first rent-to-own computer company in Southern California after playing a vital role in the implementation and provision of Korean parts and assembly into the industry. 

A former broker for Buchanan and Company, focusing on real estate limited partnerships, he established himself as a financial advisor for the Legacy Foundation, a charitable organization undertaking research into frequency-based medicine. Having held C-suite positions on several continents, his diverse C-suite roles entailed roles in window manufacturing, Costa Rican Casino ventures, Healthy Builds Australia along with serving as Director of Marketing for Odorchem Manufacturing, a chemical manufacturing and distribution corporation, headquartered in western Canada with responsibility for worldwide sales. Most recently he was a founding partner and director of marketing for Paragon Processing the largest industrial-scale hemp processing, manufacturing, and storage facility in the United States. Bill brings many years of exposure and a deep understanding of start-up financing and overall components critical to success. He has been licensed in a number of areas (Series 7, Insurance, Real Estate) thorough the years and brings diversified knowledge regarding multiple types of business and a broad set of skills that reflect that experience.

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