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Tony Biscotti, RPh

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Biscotti co-founded ONC Solutions, a medical device manufacturer, in May of 2007 and was responsible for full regulatory oversight from raw material to finished product. Prior to forming ONC Solutions, Mr. Biscotti started Nuclear Consultants Group guiding major brachytherapy seed manufacturers in the development of in-house distribution programs as well as facility design, guidance regarding compliance with FDA, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), board of health and pharmacy requirements, as well as recommendations related to sterilization options, quality control and package design. He was one of the original partners and Vice President of Advanced Care Pharmacy, specializing in the production of OR ready brachytherapy kits. In this role, Anthony provided oversight for all regulatory affairs relating to OSHA, the NRC, The Board of Health Radiation Control, as well as the Boards of Pharmacy in two states. He also served as the Radiation Safety Officer for the company's two facilities, earning commendations during all regulatory audits. Prior to Advanced Care Pharmacy he managed all aspects of Syncor Nuclear Pharmacy operations supplying radioisotopes to the majority of hospitals and clinics on the East Coast, created improved methods for labeling WBC’s with radioactive material and was the facilities Radiation Safety Officer.


Anthony received his initial training in sterile product manufacturing while working at Massachusetts General Hospital and later managing sterile production at Chartwell Home Therapies. He has been awarded two patents for his development of brachytherapy needle trays; as well as brachytherapy needle plugs. He graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1988 and Butler University's Nuclear Pharmacy Authorized User Program in 1994. He is licensed as a Nuclear Pharmacist in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.


In his free time, he enjoys mountain biking, skiing, kayaking and various fitness training programs as well as spending time with his with his wife, Lauren, and their two kids.

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