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Coolant Nanobubble Generators

SIO started as a manufacturer of high-end parts using a variety of CNC machinery and knows the importance of machine care and cost management. They were not afraid of testing unorthodox procedures or products that took advantage of new scientific principles to gain a competitive edge. They understood the mantra “More feed, more speed!”  Out of their experience was born the SIO machine fluid enhancing generator.

What the Science Behind the Generator Demonstrates

Drag Reduction Improvement

Drag reduction results from an electric double layer and nanobubble interaction, greatly improving "Speed and Feed" parameters and increasing throughput. Case studies have shown a 77% reduction in processing time, and dramatic improvements in toll life.

Improved Removal of Filings and Debris

micro explosions resulting from nano AND microbubbles significantly contribute to the removal of filings and debris from the machine for an improved product finish and cleaner final product.


Greater Heat Protection

Enhanced machine fluid transfers heat away from tools and materials better than water, protecting the material being machined as well as the tools.

Removal of Biofilms from Fluid Holding Tanks and Tubing

Enhanced machine fluid removes biofilms from the fluid lines and holding tanks, resulting in a safer work environment and reduced maintenance costs. The hydroxyl radicals the bubbles produce are powerful anti-oxidants that kill bacteria in coolant making it safer to work with and reducing coolant order.

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